RAVO TV, Best Android Box


Get a lot with RAVO Android without a Satellite Dish with RAVO TV.

Endless Entertainment with RAVO TV

The Ravo IPTV Box comes with amazing ready installed APP’s which will turn this box into your all in one Media Box! We have listed below some of these amazing features;

  • Customized Android OS.
  • Google Playstore available to download apps
  • Youtube, Netflix, Chrome, Facebook, Skype and more
  • 3 days timeshift channels!

How does it work?

1. Connect to the Internet

1. Connect to the Internet

Connect your RAVO box to an internet connection using an ethernet cable.

connect you RAVO box to your tv

2. Connect to your TV

Connect your RAVO box to your TV using the provided HDMI cable and switch on your TV.

start zapping with RAVO tv

3. Start Zapping!

Enjoy your RAVO Android box!

  • Amazing Android Box

  • Parental Lock

  • Favorites List

  • Best TV Experience

  • Multiple Languages

  • Dolby Surround