14 Feb 2017

What is the best IPTV Box?

We get asked the question a lot, what is the best iptv box for watching Arabic channels? There are plenty of IPTV boxes available online but there are only a handful that are really good IPTV boxes.

You are probably looking for a box that has all the Arabic channels you want and they should be working all the time! Now most of the Arabic IPTV boxes available take their channels source feed from external sources and this will cause them to lag or hang and sometimes even dissapear.

With RAVO IPTV we ensure that the channels are available 99.99% of the time. Now how do we do that you ask? Well to start off with our channels are not sourced from external feeds, they are streamed directly from our main RAVO IPTV data centre to your RAVO Media Box.

The Best IPTV Box has to also be user friendly, now again with RAVO IPTV we have built in all the key features to make it as easy to use as possible, you can now;

  • Find channels by category
  • Find channels by Language and Country
  • Search for channels
  • IPTV Channels in HD
  • Delete channels
  • Re-arrange channels
  • Add Channels to your Favourite list
  • Install Android Applications on the box
  • And many more…

The above are just a few key features of the Arabic Best IPTV Box available, not only that we also now have Persian Channels, Indian Channels, Kurdish Channels, Turkish Channels, English Channels and all the major Sport Channels in FULL HD.

So what are you waiting for? Order your RAVO IPTV Box online today here