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Live Arabic TV with RAVO TV, RAVO2 HD & RAVO SD

Watch Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, Turkish, Indian, English and all your sport channels without a Satellite Dish with RAVO TV.

Endless Entertainment with RAVO TV

The Ravo IPTV Box comes with amazing ready installed APP’s which will turn this box into your all in one Media Box! We have listed below some of these amazing features;

  • Customized Android OS.
  • Google Playstore available to download apps
  • Youtube, Netflix, Chrome, Facebook, Skype and more
  • Over 1700 Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, Turkish channels
  • 3 days timeshift channels!
  • Sport channels in full HD

Guaranteed best IPTV box

  • Super Fast Zapping

    No buffering, no hanging or freezing, super fast zapping speed

  • 1080p Full HD

    Watch your favourite shows or movies in full HD with RAVO TV

  • 3 Days Timeshift Channels

    With RAVO TV you can go back as far as three days to catch up with all your favourite channels.

  • Free UK Delivery

    We offer free UK deliver when ordering online, small charges are applicable for outside the UK

  • It’s all about the apps

    Install all your favourite
    Apps using Google Play and turn your TV into a full entertainment box

What do I get with RAVO IPTV?

Arabic, Persian (Including all the local Iranian channels), Kurdish, Turkish, English, African and sport channels.

How does it work?

1. Connect to the Internet

1. Connect to the Internet

Connect your RAVO box to an internet connection using an ethernet cable.

connect you RAVO box to your tv

2. Connect to your TV

Connect your RAVO box to your TV using the provided HDMI cable and switch on your TV.

start zapping with RAVO tv

3. Start Zapping!

Start browsing through over 1700 channels instantly without any installation!

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RAVO TV Reviews

(263+ Reviews by ReviewBulb™)

Great device! We no longer need three different dishes to watch our channels, we can watch everything we want using only one box.
Super fast zapping speed and amazing quality, would recommend it to everyone!

Ahmed Al Saaedi, Manchester

I have tried many IPTV boxes in the past and they all tend to hang or buffer every now and then, but with the RAVO box I can sit back and enjoy my favourite Turkish series and with the unlimited subscription I don’t have to worry about renewing anything in the near future.

Mona Jaber, North West London

Amazing support and what an amazing product, I can record all my matches and watch them whenever  I am free, I also use the box to watch all the latest blockbuster movies with my kids. Fast zapping speed full HD quality.

Ali Reza Abbas, South London
  • Full HD Channels

  • Parental Lock

  • Favorites List

  • Best TV Experience

  • Multiple Languages

  • Dolby Surround