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30 Jan 2017

What is an IPTV Set-top Box?

IPTV (Internet Protocol television) allows you to stream channels and view them using simply an internet connection, the use of a satellite dish is all in the past now. There is no need anymore to turn the dish whenever you need to find new channels or search for channels on your receiver. With IPTV boxes the channel are fed through directly on your IPTV Set-top box.

How does IPTV work and what do I need to get started?

IPTV Boxes require a broadband internet connection of not less than 4mbps to stream the channels without any lagging or freezing, to ensure the best quality for especially the HD channels we suggest a broadband connection of not less than 6mbps.

There are tons of IPTV boxes available on the internet, but how do you know which one to choose? Most IPTV set-top boxes borrow or purchase channel feeds from several sources, with RAVO TV we source our own channel feed.

This allows us to ensure the best quality and uptime at all time without any lagging or hanging.

What channels do I get with RAVO TV?

With RAVO TV we have made watching TV as easy as possible, you no longer have to scroll through an endless list of channels to find that one channel you need, we have categorised the channels by;

  • Language
  • Country
  • Category

If you are still struggling to find a channel simply search for it with the click of one button.

On the RAVO IPVT box we haven’t left anyone out, we have Arabic Channels, Persian Channels, Turkish Channels, Kurdish Channels, African Channels, English Channels and all the major Sport Channels.

We have also included the 3 day timeshift feature so you won’t miss any of the programmes or shows from the past 3 three days. You can now easily rewind and forward a channel and it’s all stored on our servers so it won’t effect the performance of your box.

Examples of channels on the RAVO TV set-top box;

RAVO TV Channels List, 1500+ Channels

Arabiya, BBC Arabic, Russia Alyaum, Hurra Iraq, Arabic euronews, Alalam, Alkbareia, CNBC Arabic, Franse 24 Arabic, Aljazeera doc, Abu Dhabi National Geographic, Al arabi, MBC Maghrab, MBC 1, MBC 2, MBC 3, MBC 4, MBC Drama, MBC MAX, MBC ACTION, fox movies, Fox Series, B4U movies, Zee Aflam, Infitiny, ART 1*, ART 2*, ART 3*, ART 4*, Rotana Cinema, Rotana Khaliji, Rotana Clip, Rotana Music, Rotana Zaman, Cima, Melody Aflam, Melody Drama, Melody Hits, Melody Arabia, Nil Cinema, Nil Drama, Drama2, Nil Life, Nil Comedy, Alhayat 2, Dream 1, Dream, Al Mehwar, Egept, Masria Egypt, TRT Arabia, LBC, Teleliban, Future USA, Future News, LebanonO, HI TV, Al Gadid, MTV Lebanon, A-laan, ANB Lebanon, Lebanon, Citruss TV, Nagham, Al Manar, Syria, Syria drama, Dunia, Orient, Al Sharqiya, Al Beghdadiya, Baghdad, Rashid, Alsumaria, United, ALIraqiya, Forat, Al-Fayha, Salah Aldin, Beladi, Ghinwa, Dubai, Dubai One, Nur Dubia, Afasi, Al Fujirah, Drama, Emarat, Sharjah, Sharjah 2, Al alamiah, DM TV, Al watan, Al Watan 2, Funoon, fonnoon2, Al Zahabiya, Nojom 1, Nojom 2, Nojom 3, Nojom 4, Wanasa, Mazzika, Mazzeka zoom, Kuwait 1, Kuwait 2, AL Rrai, AL Hewar, Qatar, AL Bahrain, AL Adala, Blu Nile, AL Saeda, Sudan TV, Zoal TV, AL Saudia, AL Saudia 2, AL Thakafia, Bedaya, AL Raia, Mustaqulla, Jordan, Palestina, Moroco1, Moroco 5, Moroco 4, Tamazigh, 2M maroc, Medi 1 TV, TV5 Monde, Nessma, Tunis 7, Hannibal, A3 TV Algeria, Algeria1, Libya, Shababia, Zagros, Kurdistan, G Kurd, Kurd 1, Kurdsat, Spacetoon, Spacepower, Ajial, Baraeem, JSC Children, Nickelodeon, Sunnah, Iqra, AL Risalah, Alrasul, AL Majd, Al Majid quran, Al Mamber, Al Fajr, sehaty, AlManara, Oman TV, Al Zahra, Alanwar, AlKawther, Nursat, CTV, Miracle, JSC Sport, JSC Sport 2, JSC Sport Global, Sport, Libya Sport, Modern sport, Nile Sport, Al kass TV, Alriadia 3, K3 Sport, Abu Dhabi sport 1, Abo Dhabi sport 2, Heya Tv, Nilat Tv, Turkmanali Tv, JSC live, Aletijah, Somali TV, Universal, Muritania, Eritrea, I Film, Arabica, Hayatuna, Al Malakotsat, Almaref, Karbala TV

And many more channels.

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