Special Offer for ATN Users - Get £15 OFF

تم توقيف خدمة المحطات العربية لشركة اي تي ان من قبل السلطات

Replace your ATN Network Box with a RAVO TV Box, get £15 Off

RAVO TV is offering £15 Off for all ATN Network users when they switch to RAVO TV.

Switch from ATN Network IPTV to RAVO TV and Watch over 1500+ channels without a satellite dish, same channels as your ATN Network box but better! Watch Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, English, Indian and Sport channels with RAVO TV.

ATN Network users get RAVO TV now

Enter voucher code ATNDOWN in the cart page for £15 discount

Select your RAVO TV Box Offer

  • 1500+ Channels

    Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, Turkish, Indian, English Channels

  • Super Fast Zapping

    No buffering, no lagging, super fast zapping speed!

  • Full HD Channels

    Enjoy your favourite
    channels in full HD

  • 24/7 Technical Support

    We offer 24/7 phone/email/chat support in three languages

  • Free UK Delivery

    All online orders within
    the UK are delivered for free


    RAVO IPTV works without a satellite dish

  • Connect to internet

    NO DISH, all you need
    is an internet connection

  • 3 Day timeshift

    Go back THREE days to catch up any missed programme or movie

  • Works globally!

    RAVO TV Works anywhere, all you need is an internet connection

  • Record your channels

    Record your favourite shows straight to a USB drive

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